Raspberry Pi 4 running Fedora 32

I got Fedora 32 installed on an RPi 4 8GB, booting off USB, with UEFI and ACPI. I followed Robert Grimm’s instructions here, and had an additional set of complications summarised here. There’s not much to say except that it was fiendishly complicated. But it works beautifully now, and is reasonably quick too especially when you consider how little it cost.

So let’s talk about costs (all include tax and delivery):

Raspberry Pi 4 8GB£77.33
SanDisk 500GB SSD x 2£149.98
small SD card needed for booting£free

Only one of the SSDs is actually used, but if you follow Robert’s instructions you will need two. I didn’t have any external USB SSDs that were both USB 3 and not spinning hard disks, so I had to buy these, but I’ll be able to reuse one in a future project. The SD card is required to work around a bug in the UEFI firmware, but I happened to have one lying around.



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4 responses to “Raspberry Pi 4 running Fedora 32

  1. problemchild68

    Sounds like a way of using an evening Richard …will this run on a 4GB RPI ?

    • rich

      Absolutely, even on the smaller 2GB version.

      About RAM, there is a problem: Because of a bug related to DMA regions in kernel 5.6, UEFI limits RAM to 3GB. The bug is fixed in kernel 5.8. To enable the full RAM you have to upgrade to a newer kernel than is available in the installer, and you have to enter the UEFI console and remove the memory limitation. See Robert’s instructions for the details.

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