nbdkit Windows port contd.

We ported nbdkit to Windows. That port is now upstream and should appear in the next stable release (1.24). There is also a new native file plugin for Windows which supports Windows files and volumes, hole punching for sparse files, querying file sparseness, and efficient zeroing.


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2 responses to “nbdkit Windows port contd.

  1. Phil Shaw

    Hi Richard. A little advice welcome if you have 5 mins. Is there a windows binary download for nbdkit? Also I’m looking at mounting an NTFS vmdk image on a Windows box across a network from a linux machine, Can do an sshfs mount of the win filesystem ok and tried a guestfish mount of the vmdk file but it burped as opensuse doesn’t have the guestfs-windowssupport package (for ntfs??). Also tried a qemu-nbd mount of the vmdk but got a ro permissions error. Whats the best approach here? Thanks

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