September 30, 2020 · 9:12 am

4 responses to “FTTH!

  1. problemchild68

    Richard what kind of bandwidth are you getting (up/Down)?
    Ho yeah with a one liner post the advert looks like the post so I was wondering how FTTH was going to make Amazon Bankrupt”!!(GRRR—dodgy SPAM )

    • rich

      Official speed is 160 down / 30 up. Actual speed to this Bytemark mirror seems to max out around 100 Mbps (tested from the router). I suspect there is another limit here – my router connects to the BT NTE using a USB 3 ethernet dongle (yes, “reasons”), and that could be limiting things. Not to mention the router itself is some ancient Celeron.

      • problemchild68

        If it’s exactly or close to 100Mb it could be an interface at 100Mbps. Then again via 2 routers /gws or what ever of under powered could have effectively the same issue The only way to confirm would be to run the test on the router or a laptop right nest to it …all a bit of hassle. For Interest I’m using Virgins 350mbps and actually getting it so not too bad although it can kangaroo about when contended

      • rich

        Even if I fix the router, the other problem is all the wiring in my house tops out at 100 Mbps. This is because of the lengths of runs and that they need to run parallel to mains electricity cables. The solution to that is going to be fibre within the house and to the office, but that requires major structural work, pricey switches and trench digging so it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

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