Libreboot on my X60s

Almost completely free as in freedom laptop on top, with very non-free laptop underneath:


Only a few notes about this, except the obvious which is you must have an old Thinkpad X60s which you’re prepared to risk bricking:

  1. The instructions for installing libreboot are incredibly strange, contradictory, and out of date.
  2. I used:
  3. I used these old sources which roughly correspond to the above instructions:
  4. You need to have Debian installed on the laptop.
  5. To make it completely free, I will need to dismantle the laptop and replace the wifi card.


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3 responses to “Libreboot on my X60s

  1. You getting into some security work, or are you just interested in making the world a better place?

  2. GNUtoo

    Feedback is welcome on 1) (for instance on the official mailing list).
    Note that the official documentation(on is being migrated to another format(texinfo).

    You might also want to replace the old thermal paste on the CPU.

    Since you’re interested in boot Fimrwares, you could experiment with it, and for instance try to run a 100% free software version of tianocore (with the free software version of the fat driver).

    There are also some interesting payloads or uses cases:
    – GRUB runs on it and is very powerful (it supports encrypted partitions, LVM, verified boot, etc…)
    – SeaBIOS is a free software BIOS implementation. Make sure to try out the compatibility VGA option rom (SeaVGABIOS) if you try it.
    – Ipxe can run with SeaBIOS, from the flash, and supports ath5k and ath9k wifi cards. You might have some fun booting off the Internet directly… Some Ipxe scripts with a huge number of distributions are mentioned on the Ipxe website. I didn’t look if it has distributions like Trisquel (which is FSDG[1] compliant).

    Note that many other distributions than Debian work with such laptop. Libreboot users tend to prefer FSDG[1] compliant distributions.

    Welcome to Libreboot.



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