22:59 < rjones> well, you know, I actually want some
enhancements to /dev/port (on x86)
23:00 < rjones> for example, it's not possible to
specify if you want byte/word/.. access
23:00 < rjones> which of course means its not possible
to access certain devices which are expecting non-byte-
sized reads or writes ..
23:01 < rjones> somehow no one has added these
important ioctls to /dev/port in the 20+ years its been
23:01 < rjones> I suspect because no one has realized
the importance of writing device drivers
in shell script
23:06 < dmick> where's that vomit emoticon when you
need it


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3 responses to “ioport

  1. Laszlo Ersek

    A nice candidate! 😉

  2. GNUtoo


    As I understand you have no way to guarantee the atomicity of such
    operations when done in userspace.

    If you do something like that:
    # outb $value $port
    # inb $port

    Another in or out might be executed in between…
    This is dangerous…


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