Gigatron – some assembly required

I don’t know if 74 chips have got smaller since I was a kid or if I’ve just got bigger but this is a test of dexterity.

There’s a reason why although I started out my career in hardware I soon decided to stick to software!

Amazingly nothing blew up when I connected the power.


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4 responses to “Gigatron – some assembly required

  1. problemchild68

    Hi Richard ..nice to see you trying the Gigatron .. I have one to assemble too. I would say if you are finding the TTL pitch genuinely small then check your glasses and vision as well as maybe try some cheap kits that you dont care about first to get your hand in. Suddenly finding your cant see straight is one of the many PITA things of middle age.
    Im looking forward to you maybe doing something interesting with the Gigatron Microinstructions.

    • rich

      It’s definitely middle-aged vision problems.

    • rich

      BTW about the microinstructions – if you look at the schematic you’ll see that it can only execute microinstructions from ROM, so you’ll have to either change the design or start programming EPROMs.

      • rich

        Or perhaps I should say “I believe it can only …”, since I didn’t actually build or run the thing yet. However that’s my understanding from looking at the control unit in the schematic.

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