Virt-builder Fedora 23 image

Fedora 23 was released today. Get it through virt-builder in just two simple commands:

$ virt-builder fedora-23 \
    --root-password password:123456 \
    --size 20G
$ qemu-system-x86_64 -drive file=fedora-23,if=virtio \
    -m 2048



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2 responses to “Virt-builder Fedora 23 image

  1. Georg Sauthoff

    When running a `dnf update` inside a thus created Fedora 23 VM I reliably get XFS metadata corruption errors:

    XFS (vda3): Metadata corruption detected at xfs_agf_read_verify [xfs], block 0x9d2001

    Happens with and without virtio. Host is also Fedora 23.

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