Some screenshots from the new guest filesystem browser

The updated guest filesystem browser should look something like this in Fedora 16:



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11 responses to “Some screenshots from the new guest filesystem browser

  1. Very cool.

    A nautilus protocol for guestfish might be neat too.

  2. Is there a fuse file system for this? I suspect that people who use GUI file system browsers would prefer to use their default (Nautilus?) rather than a custom application just for libguestfs.

    Are there special features of libguestfs file system browsing that make it impossible to integrate with the desktop default?

  3. dbrodie

    Should it be possible to compile this under cygwin so it can be used under Windows?
    What about modifying it so it can also read raw partitions so I could use to to copy data out of physical linux partitions?
    Looks good!

    • rich

      We had a bit of an effort some time ago (late 2009) to compile the library for Windows, and actually got it working. However I imagine that the Windows side of things has bit-rotted, so it’s almost certainly a lot of work to get it going on Windows again.

      libguestfs can read raw partitions (and USB keys, CDs etc) already.

      • dbrodie

        Sound good.
        Will try to see if I can get it working, and if I see that it’s not too much work I’ll probably work to get it committed.

  4. What is it about the profeshnial application icons in OSS apps? (in the about box)

  5. Eknath

    There have been multiple mentions that guestfs shouldn’t be used to view the contents of a harddisk unless it is shut down… Does that hold true even if I am merely reading out files? Or does it have to do with synchronization issues of the file system?

    • rich

      You must use read-only mode (eg. the --ro option or readonly:true flag), otherwise you will definitely corrupt the guest’s disks if it is running.

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