AMD Seattle LeMaker Cello

I was a bit optimistic when I said:

the LeMaker Cello is available for preorder with delivery next month.

back in March 2016 (sic).

But hey, better late than never.

AMD seem to have decided to give up on ARM, making this board now only a historical curiosity. And look at that heatsink! I suspect these early chips have cooling problems.


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3 responses to “AMD Seattle LeMaker Cello

  1. marc

    Amazing! Was not expecting any deliveries anymore.

    Nontheless i’d be interested in its energy consumption as it seemed to be perfectly shaped for homeserver usage. But I assume there is no software available at all?

  2. rich

    It should run RHEL out of the box. I’ve not turned it on yet because I’m super busy with real work, but I’ll post on the blog once I get it going.

  3. I guess AMD is busy with marketing their Ryzen stuffs.

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