New dev server

It has 16 real Xeon cores and insane* amounts of RAM and cache:


It also has the Aspeed AST2400 BMC so it’s possible to manage it remotely using freeipmi and (for the video console) Java.

* Insane literally — This machine has the same amount of L3 cache (40 MB) as was the size of my first hard disk.


August 31, 2016 · 10:58 am

7 responses to “New dev server

  1. szakalaka

    Looks great! What are the specs?

  2. I’m curious how fast is it running risc-v qemu emulation on this server in comparison with real FPGA hardware with RISC-V loaded, especially Arty dev board. Thanks!

    • rich

      qemu-system-riscv is the fastest. Spike & FPGAs are not very fast. The limiting factor is that qemu TCG is not multithreaded (yet – coming to some emulated architectures in qemu 2.7), so you can only use a single physical core per VM.

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