New standing desk set up


This is my new desk set up. Instead of spending £££ on one of those desks that moves up and down, I bought a cheap drafting desk (a
ALVIN MiniMaster Drawing Table, £153 with free delivery), and a bar stool (£45). I can stand at the desk for half of the day, then draw up the bar stool in the afternoon.

On the wall, I’ve got an absolutely massive 55″ LG 4K screen. It works as monitor surprisingly well (4096×2160), and does double duty as a home cinema screen.


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2 responses to “New standing desk set up

  1. Splendid! Looks like a very productive setup.

    After a recent trip to IKEA (already forget the prices of one or two adjustable standing desks I came across), I reached to a similar conclusion (fixed desk, with a kind of bar stool). Though, I won’t get to work this out until I move from my current place. Currently I’m using gross hacks — piling heavy books; or stuffing the laptop into one the small compartments on the book shelf, at standing level (this is too awkward for any lengthy typing).

    And, holy hell — look at that Jupiter-sized screen on the wall, it’s excellent. Makes me feel a little envious, 🙂 as I’m still working with just the laptop screen. Though I use a 19″ TV screen with my test machine.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Great setup, I got a similar one with a 39′ Philips 4K monitor and I love it.

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