Caseless virtualization cluster, part 6

Holy crap: you can connect PCIe ports across motherboards!


Unfortunately the cables for this sort of thing seem to be a bit expensive, but they run at 20 Gbps!


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5 responses to “Caseless virtualization cluster, part 6

  1. how these cables are recognized under linux ? like a network card ?

  2. Thanks for this NTB link.
    I would love to hear more about this.

  3. Interesting, Intel dual 10G-BaseT (X520-T2) is ~$700 per end, devil in the details? Bandwidth is the bottleneck in “Desktop” motherboards. Don’t quote me but I think the PCI-E 2.0 x16 interface on the GA-78LMT-USB3 is for graphic adapters only as it is on most “Desktop” boards. Don’t know of any economical motherboards with integrated 10B-BaseT yet. Supermicro X9SRH-7TF server motherboard does but at ~$500 it blows the budget.

  4. Marc Skinner

    10G/20G Infiniband is the way to go. You can get “affordable” cards, cables and switches off of ebay. All in for 10 servers I spent $500 total. I now have a 20G dedicated ISCSI (IPoIB) configuration that is very fast!

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