New in libguestfs: Use libvirt to launch the appliance

libvirt logoFrom libguestfs ≥ 1.19.24 you can, if you want, use libvirt to manage the libguestfs appliance. To enable this, set the environment variable:


and (hopefully) any libguestfs program, guestfish, virt tool etc will just work as normal. As well as the absolute latest libguestfs you’ll also need libvirt ≥ 0.9.13 and a recent qemu.

What’s the point of this change? There are a couple of advantages. Firstly libvirt confines guests using sVirt mandatory access control (using SELinux or AppArmor). This will [it’s not working right now] provide additional defences against rogue disk images subverting the appliance or qemu.

Secondly libvirt already does disk hotplugging, and it will allow us to add this easily to libguestfs.



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2 responses to “New in libguestfs: Use libvirt to launch the appliance

  1. Carl

    What is currently in use instead of libvirt? (<= f17) I'm confused…

    • rich

      libguestfs can either launch qemu/KVM directly or can run the appliance via libvirt, depending on how it has been configured and what environment variables are other things are set.

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