guestmount –live option

In libguestfs ≥ 1.13.26 you can finally use the guestmount --live option.

This option lets you mount the filesystem from a running virtual machine on your host (using FUSE). Reads and writes are handled by a daemon running inside the VM. Writes are permitted and you see guest changes in real time.

By the way, although this is fun, it’s still a bit of a baby-eater, so use with care. At the moment you need identical versions of libguestfs in the guest and host, but we will relax this restriction later.

# guestmount -d FedoraRawhidex64 --live /tmp/mnt
# ls /tmp/mnt/tmp # /tmp in the guest
foo                                  mallocing-threads
glibc-2.14.90-13.i686.rpm            mallocing-threads.c
glibc-2.14.90-13.src.rpm             nscd-2.14.90-13.i686.rpm
glibc-2.14.90-13.x86_64.rpm          nscd-2.14.90-13.x86_64.rpm
glibc-common-2.14.90-13.i686.rpm     ssh-ItDNrg1065
glibc-common-2.14.90-13.x86_64.rpm   ssh-RXAApq5656
glibc-devel-2.14.90-13.i686.rpm      ssh-SfeREo1125
glibc-devel-2.14.90-13.x86_64.rpm    ssh-xwLmEq1043
glibc-headers-2.14.90-13.i686.rpm    ssh-zZMbMr1430
glibc-headers-2.14.90-13.x86_64.rpm  valgrind.txt
glibc-static-2.14.90-13.i686.rpm     yum_save_tx-2011-10-24-16-250zmRGr.yumtx
glibc-static-2.14.90-13.x86_64.rpm   yum_save_tx-2011-10-24-16-31IMbTq9.yumtx
glibc-utils-2.14.90-13.i686.rpm      yum_save_tx-2011-10-24-16-31lPnb8j.yumtx
glibc-utils-2.14.90-13.x86_64.rpm    yum_save_tx-2011-10-24-16-33F1Fkj_.yumtx


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7 responses to “guestmount –live option

  1. Do you run any performance tests with this?
    I think this will be great for some kind of incremental backups on host machine.

  2. feeliwood

    Just download guestfish and use the command to mount the live guest right ? Or what else should i do?
    Can I mount a running Window Virtual Machine?
    thanks for your reply.

    • rich

      You cannot use the --live option for Windows guests, and I wouldn’t advise people to use it unless they know what they are doing because it’s very experimental at present.

  3. feeliwood

    thank you, but I have another question
    should I install libguestfs-live-service package on the Linux guest and modify the XML file or just use the mount command straight ahead.
    thank you.

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