Nice RPM / git patch management trick

As far as I know, this trick was invented by Peter Jones. Edit: Or it could be ajax?

Parted in Fedora uses a clever method to manage patches with git and “git am”.

%setup -q
# Create a git repo within the expanded tarball.
git init
git config "..."
git config "..."
git add .
git commit -a -q -m "%{version} baseline."
# Apply all the patches on top.
git am %{patches}

The background is that there is a git repo somewhere else which stores the unpacked baseline parted tarball, plus patches (stored as commits) on top.

I assume that Peter exports the commits using git format-patch. At build time these are applied on top of the tarball using git am.

There are two clear advantages:

  • No need to have lots of duplicate %patch lines in the spec file.
  • git-am restores permissions and empty files properly, which regular patch does not do.

With libguestfs in RHEL 6 we have roughly 80 patches, so managing these patches is very tedious, and this will greatly simplify things.



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7 responses to “Nice RPM / git patch management trick

  1. We’ve been using that in the X server for a long time, not sure if pjones got it from ajax or ajax got it from pjones.

  2. Mandriva’s been doing something along the same lines in its kernel package for a few years, too, using quilt:

    I don’t really recall all the details, but it’s the same vague idea, make it simpler to manage a large patch set.

  3. Gabriel

    And so do some Debian developpers AFAIK.

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