OCaml autoconf macros 1.1

_Zack did all the work for the new release of the autoconf macros to support OCaml projects.

There’s a build for Fedora already and you can read the manual page here.

Does anyone know a good way to format man pages to HTML, but without making them all sucky and proportional with randomly sized headers? I’d like them to look like they do when you type less foo.1, all in the same fixed-width font, with just bold and underline, and 72 columns wide naturally.


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4 responses to “OCaml autoconf macros 1.1

  1. Hi Rich,

    Re “format man pages to HTML”, I spent an embarrassing amount of time writing then tweaking this. Hope it helps. http://pastebin.com/f5eda5f55

    Example: htmlman.pl bash > bash.html

  2. Here’s an update with copyright and a stray backspace character fixed. http://pastebin.com/f4f6b40dc

  3. rich

    That’s superb, thanks!

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