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Whenjobs now managing libguestfs development releases

I finally got whenjobs to entirely manage the libguestfs release process (still to do: stable branches, testing on anything except Fedora).

It is triggered by tagging a version in git, whereupon the script takes over, building a tarball, testing the tarball, pushing it to the website, and kicking off a build in Rawhide.

So far it’s been a success, to some degree. In hindsight I could probably have used incron, although that is far more ugly and would have been a real hack. Plain ol’ make might have worked too, although it would have required more babysitting.

More here including the script …


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whenjobs — job lists, cancelling, algorithmic cleanup etc

You can now list and cancel jobs:

$ whenjobs --jobs
61 job$1
	running in: /tmp/whenjobs20d88a48f2c4eb0062e1b44ded6d0ae7
	started at: 2012-02-23 22:43:20
62 job$2
	running in: /tmp/whenjobse9e6b93c3ced1967cbf8c5865d6a1ccb
	started at: 2012-02-23 22:43:20
$ whenjobs --cancel 62

You can manually start jobs. Gerd’s ocamlnet makes it almost trivial to add new RPCs between the tool and the daemon, so adding functions like this is simple.

You can put arbitrary OCaml actions into the job script too, so you can run code when a job is cleaned up, and you will (soon) be able to create jobs algorithmically. For example, the standard mailto cleanup lets you send mail containing the output of the job when it finishes.

let from = "me@example.com"
let to_addr = "you@example.com"
let prefix = "hostname "
let script = << # shell script here >>

job (prefix ^ "poll")
cleanup (Whentools.mailto ~from to_addr)
every minute : script

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