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Today, in other projects …

virt-top 1.0.6 – utility for displaying virtualization stats, like ‘top’

hivex 1.2.8 – library and tools for reading and writing Windows Registry hive files


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virt-top is in Debian

I just discovered that virt-top is now in Debian.

virt-top (which I wrote) is the far superior alternative to “xentop”. I wrote it after having to manage some servers with only xentop available. I wrote it because xentop was so crap.

Why is virt-top better? It supports more statistics. It works with libvirt so it works with almost every hypervisor not just Xen. It has a much nicer UI and documentation. And it has advanced logging modes so you can leave it running in the background and capture information for your website/database/stats/monitoring.


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virt-top 日本語で

virt-top is the sane replacement to xentop. Virt-top looks and acts like the familiar top(1) command, displays virtual machines, and uses libvirt so it works with just about every virtualization system out there. It also has cool features for sysadmins, like you can use it to log stats into a database or spreadsheet (via CSV).

Today I got virt-top working (almost) properly in Japanese. There are some very small display bugs, mainly where I have used fixed lengths (eg. “40 cols”) to display some strings. But basically it works. Here are the Japanese and English “help” screens compared:

You can see there’s a small error next to ”ヘルプ” where the previous line (on the right next to “2”) wraps around, but otherwise it’s the same.

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