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New in libguestfs 1.21.15: parallel virt-df and virt-alignment-scan

New in libguestfs ≥ 1.21.15, the virt-df and virt-alignment-scan tools now use parallel appliances when scanning your libvirt guests.

The amount of parallelism is selected heuristically when the tool starts up — by dividing the amount of free memory in MB by 500. You can also override this choice by using the new -P option to both tools, but the default should be fine for everyone. -P 1 disables multiple threads.

Users won’t see much difference, although I found that both tools are noticeably faster.

The implementation of threads in these tools is a little bit interesting. Of course there is a pool of worker threads. These take the libvirt guests from a list sorted in alphabetical order and process them.

However each guest takes a variable amount of time to process, and the trick is that the output from each thread mustn’t overlap or be in non-alphabetical order.

The worker threads do two things to ensure this: Firstly output from each guest scan is saved up in an open_memstream buffer. Secondly, domains are retired in order using a pthread condition variable — each worker waits until the previous domain has been retired, before retiring (ie. printing) its own result.

The outcome is that there should be no difference between what the old tools and the rewritten tools print out.

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