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nbdkit finally supports TLS (encryption)

nbdkit is a liberally licensed NBD server which a stable plugin API for serving disks from unconventional sources.

Finally I got around to adding TLS (encryption and authentication) support. The support is complete and appears to interoperate with QEMU. It also supports a certificate authority, client certificate verification, certificate revocation, server verification (by the client), and configurable algorithms.

Actually using TLS with NBD is no easy matter. It takes a few pages of instructions just to explain how to set up the public-key infrastructure. On the client (QEMU) side, the command line parameter for connecting to a TLS-enabled NBD server is lengthy.

Then there’s the question of how you ensure TLS is being used. In nbdkit as in other NBD servers you can either turn on TLS in which case it’s used when the client requests it, or you can require TLS. In the latter case nbdkit will reject non-TLS connections (thus ensuring TLS is really being used), but most clients won’t be able to connect to such a server.

As usual, where SSH got it right, SSL/TLS/HTTPS got it all horribly wrong.



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Can we disable Firefox’s stupid self-signed encryption dialog?

A lot has been written about how Firefox’s stupid dialog is a big step backwards for the web.

But is there a way to disable it? Ideally I’d like it to work like ssh – give me a simple single-click warning and display the certificate the first time, and after that don’t say anything at all unless the certificate changes unexpectedly.


This paper on phishing [PDF] is excellent.


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