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A new Amazon seller scam

Amazon, so convenient, yet so annoying when things go wrong. This useless seller looks like a new type of scam to me. It seems to go like this:

  1. New seller appears, offering just about everything in Amazon’s catalog.
  2. You don’t notice this when buying, but the shipping window is open-ended (from a few days up to months). However you are optimistic, after all most Amazon orders arrive pretty quickly.
  3. Seller very quickly notifies you that the item has shipped. Great!
  4. Nothing arrives after a few weeks.
  5. You check the feedback, and now it looks terrible.
  6. You notice that the “tracking number” is completely bogus. Just a made up number and random shipping company (the seller is apparently based in Shenzen, but somehow the bogus tracking number comes from Singapore post?)
  7. You try to cancel the order. However Amazon won’t let you do that, because the item has been dispatched and it’s still in the shipping window (which, remember, doesn’t end for another couple of months).
  8. You contact the seller. Amazon forces sellers to respond within 3 days. This seller does respond! … to every message with the same nonsense autoresponse.
  9. As a result you can’t cancel the order either.
  10. There is no other way to escalate the problem or cancel the order (even though this clearly violates UK law).
  11. Seller now has your money, you have no product, and no way to cancel for another few months.
  12. Profit!


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I hate BT

Yet another scam from BT. “Unlimited Anytime” calls — sounds like that should be “unlimited” and “any time” … right?

I checked my bill today to find I’d been charged £3.46 for calls to UK landlines. Surely some mistake? No: if you read the fine print, a call is only free for the first 60 minutes, and thereafter it’s a staggering 6.9 pence per minute. Of course my phone meetings often go on for over an hour, so now I have to drop the call and rejoin.

If I was in charge, my first act would be to dismember BT and return the land lines to the people who paid for them.

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