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libguestfs 1.9.10 for RHEL 5.6

Here are some libguestfs packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6:


Read the README file before attempting to use them.

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Updated libguestfs RHEL 6.1 preview packages

Updated packages are here now based on libguestfs 1.7.17.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Looks like RHEL 6 is out.

Of course I’ve been using it for a while and it’s great.

This version has libguestfs-1.2.7-1.24.el6 (with backports) from back around April/May (when we started to stabilize and QA everything). Have fun using it, and when RHEL 6.1 ships it will come with libguestfs 1.6 which is much faster and more full-featured.

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RHEL 6 public beta 1

Old Red Hat Linux 6.2 boxWe released the first public beta of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 today. You might be able to get it from the official Red Hat FTP site, but it was giving “421 There are too many connected users” errors just now. You can grab this unofficial mirror of the 64 bit DVD ISO instead. The official press release is here.

There are probably a fair few bugs — although not as many as the internal alphas I was playing with last year!

The highlights from my point of view: supported stable libguestfs, libguestfs tools and V2V, OCaml compiler (not supported), virt-top, and hivex.

Edit: Excellent interview with Tim Burke in The Register which also covers the main new features.


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