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TechTalk PSE fork with markdown support

Matthew Astley just emailed me to say he has forked TechTalk and added support for markdown (the wiki-ish markup language).

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Tech Talk PSE 1.1.0

Tech Talk — the superior technical presentation software — is back!

(Not surprisingly this coincides with me doing a presentation at FOSDEM this weekend …)

The new version has been rebuilt around WebKit (all the work for this was done by Dan Berrange). Mozilla were never really serious about “MozEmbed”, and in practice it crashed all the time. WebKit (or KHTML as we like to call it) is built from the ground up for embedding and it is rock solid, so it was just better to switch.

Also in this development version is support for VTE, which is a simpler way to display terminal output. Any shell script called *.term is rendered in a built-in VTE terminal emulator. You can still use *.sh for shell scripts that you want to run during your presentation (eg. for using your own terminal, or just running arbitrary programs).

Tech Talk PSE is available from git or in Fedora Rawhide.

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Tech Talk PSE Wikipedia article, and new version

Unexpectedly Tech Talk PSE the superior presentation software for technical software demonstrations has got its own Wikipedia article (talk page). I knew nothing about it until I noticed the article appearing in the referer logs on my webserver. Appropriately it’s listed right above PowerPoint.

It seems like a good time to say that there’s a new minor version, 1.0.1. The only change is that we fixed the broken Next slide / Back buttons with a single line patch.

If you want to see me using Tech Talk PSE then skip to 30:00 in the Summit video.

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Tech Talk PSE 1.0.0 released

Tech Talk PSE home page and downloads

Tech Talk PSE is technical demonstration software which doesn’t suck. It uses Mozilla’s rendering engine to display slides, so it’s easy to use (just write HTML) and powerful. And you can intersperse your talk with shell scripts to run demonstrations.

New in version 1.0.0 is a menu that lets you jump straight to different parts of your talk and take screenshots:

Here is a talk I gave at GLLUG using Tech Talk PSE.

I think that Tech Talk PSE may be one of the best programs I’ve ever written. Let’s compare it to “OpenOffice Impress”:

  OpenOffice Tech Talk PSE
Open source Yes Yes
Play videos Yes Yes
Open a shell during a talk No Yes
Use your own editor No Yes
Induces RSI during use Mouse-controlled Keyboard-controlled
Lines of code 109 (approx) 850
Comes in Platinum edition No Yes

It’s better than OpenOffice on any measure. Yet even if you include all the autoconf, documentation and examples, it’s only 1 kLoC and was written over 3 days in my spare time. For giving technical demonstrations, it’s totally “Right”, where OpenOffice is basically “Wrong”.


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