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Edward Tufte interview

Edward Tufte is important, not because he’s come up with a magic scientific rule to present data, but because he’s saying we should present methodically and scientifically. I was reading a terrible PowerPoint “stack” today about some complex engineering problem and all the time I was just thinking about Tufte’s brilliant exposition of the use of PowerPoint at NASA during the Columbia accident.

There is an interesting feature article in the Washington Monthly.

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Tech Talk PSE Wikipedia article, and new version

Unexpectedly Tech Talk PSE the superior presentation software for technical software demonstrations has got its own Wikipedia article (talk page). I knew nothing about it until I noticed the article appearing in the referer logs on my webserver. Appropriately it’s listed right above PowerPoint.

It seems like a good time to say that there’s a new minor version, 1.0.1. The only change is that we fixed the broken Next slide / Back buttons with a single line patch.

If you want to see me using Tech Talk PSE then skip to 30:00 in the Summit video.

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Every time you use Powerpoint Edward Tufte kills a kitten

To avoid any unnecessary kitten killing, use Tech Talk PSE instead.

(from BoingBoing)

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