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OCaml Users Meeting, Paris, April 2010

The schedule of talks has been announced for the OCaml Users Meeting in Paris, France, in April. Here are my photos from the last meeting.

  1. OCamlCore.org news and projects
  2. Enforcing Type-Safe Linking using Inter-Package Relationships for OCaml Debian packages (Stefano Zacchiroli)
  3. Ocamlviz (Julien Robert, Guillaume Von Tokarski, Sylvain Conchon, Jean-Christophe Filliâtre, Fabrice Le Fessant)
  4. Cluster computing in OCaml (at mylife.com) (Gerd Stolpmann)
  5. OCaml in a web startup (about ocsigen) (Dario Teixeira)
  6. React, functional reactive programming for OCaml (Daniel Bünzli)
  7. OASIS, a Cabal like system for OCaml (Sylvain Le Gall)

The second day will be the first “OCaml hacking day”. Bring a laptop and your OCaml questions.

Subscription is mandatory (and free) for both events. See the web pages for details: 1 2



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OCaml Users Meeting, April 2010

Sylvain has just announced that the next OCaml Meeting will be on 16th or 17th April 2010 in Paris, France.

Here are photos from the last meeting which was a great success.

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