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A quick note about 64 bit Fedora Windows cross-compiler

I don’t often talk about the Fedora Windows cross-compiler project which I guess I helped to start back in 2008.

However last week some legal uncertainty about the 64 bit compiler was lifted and Erik van Pienbroek and Kalev Lember have been doing an amazing job getting a full 32 + 64 bit cross-compiler chain into Fedora 17.

The upshot of this is incredible: From a single code-base, you can build, on Fedora, a Linux binary, 32- and 64- bit Windows binaries, and (with a tiny bit of proprietary code) Mac OS X binaries. This includes cross-platform graphical programs (using Gtk), and over a hundred libraries for graphics, sound, games, networking, databases and much more. It’s not just plain binaries either, mingw-w64 includes a credible DDK replacement so you can build Windows device drivers too.


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