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Densha de gone

I enjoyed playing a Japanese import of Densha De Go (an accurate Shinkansen train simulator) on my old Nintendo Wii. I played this legally (albeit expensively) imported game using some other software called Wii Freeloader. Since Nintendo does not like people using software from outside the “right” places, “Freeloader” had to exploit a bug in the firmware to allow Densha de Go to play.

Today I upgraded the firmware on my Wii console.

I am no longer able to play Densha De Go at all. Nintendo have successfully covered all options and there is no way to play my legally purchased and imported software from other “regions” of the world.

So today I learned my lesson. Never absolutely never buy or get involved in proprietary software. Never buy anything ever again from Nintendo. Never buy another phone from Apple, or Microsoft, or any computer with proprietary software no matter how convenient it may seem in the short term.

Enough is enough.

If I bought the hardware, I want to do whatever I want with it.


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