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Baremetal Raspberry Pi OS based on JONESFORTH

Go here: https://github.com/organix/pijFORTHos


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JonesForth on ARM

This just popped up in my Google alerts: https://github.com/M2IHP13-admin/JonesForth-arm

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JONESFORTH git repository

A few years ago I wrote a literate FORTH compiler and tutorial called JONESFORTH. It’s a good way, I think, to understand the power and limitations of FORTH, and a good way to learn a completely different and mind-blowing programming language.

If you’ve not heard of FORTH before, cogitate on this: It is possible to write a FORTH program in 2,000 lines. A program which will boot and provide an entire development environment (inc. editor, compiler etc) on bare hardware.

Anyhow, I just uploaded my semi-private CVS repository to git. You can find it here:


The original tutorial is in two parts:


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Lisp, erlang, forth, scheme, prolog, ML maintainer(s) needed urgently in Fedora

Since gemi has had to retire from Fedora, we’re in danger of losing some very interesting little languages in Fedora. For the full list, see this link.

It’s a shame these advanced languages don’t get more attention, since they are clearly better languages than the ones most programmers use day to day, and would solve their problems if only they tried them. But it’s even more of a shame if people won’t even be able to try these languages because we lose them from Fedora entirely.


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