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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X – nice!


This thing really screams. It’s nice being able to do make -j24 (threads) builds so quickly.

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Visualize CPU, cache, NUMA

Thanks to John Hearns for pointing out this cute little tool “hwloc” for displaying CPU cores, cache and NUMA.

hwloc-ls produces pretty pictures like these:

There’s also a C API.


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Intel Processor Spec Finder

Just the tool I was looking for, an online tool from Intel to search through their processors for the one which supports exactly the features you want.

In my case I was looking for an Intel Atom chip that supports 64 bit and hardware virtualization, which would be the sweet-spot for cheap virt development servers that don’t use too much energy. There are apparently two: Z520PT and Z530P.

Now to find a motherboard similar to the Alix which has this chip …


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