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Samsung Chromebook

I’m taking a short trip around Japan next year, so I needed something light and small to carry with me, and Google/Samsung have just released this interesting machine at a very reasonable price:

The good:

  • Very lightweight
  • Small
  • Seems fast so far (running ChromeOS)

The bad:

  • Not sure I’ll get used to the touchpad
  • Confused about the difference between Android and ChromeOS, and why they didn’t just put Android on it
  • Samsung invent yet another $%!? proprietary power plug

I’m using ChromeOS at the moment, but since that requires an always-on internet connection and is basically a fancy full-screen web browser, I’m going to wipe it and put either Ubuntu or Fedora on it shortly.

The interesting thing about the hardware is the Cortex-A15 processor at the heart of the machine. This supports hardware virtualization, and although the patches haven’t even landed in the upstream kernel yet, the hope is that this could run KVM at a reasonable speed.

Also, 2GB of RAM is nice.


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