Interview for Red Hat Blog

I was interviewed for Red Hat’s Blog:

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One response to “Interview for Red Hat Blog

  1. Laszlo Ersek

    My first kernel version was 2.0.32 (I think?), on whatever RHL (not RHEL) CD-ROM that I got with a magazine. (According to , it must have been RHL-5.0; the release date 1-Dec-1997 is very plausible.) I had not been a subscriber; I only bought that issue because it would allow me to learn about Linux — that was my first encounter with Linux, namely at the start of university. Dial-up internet became available to us in that timeframe too, with 56kbps modems, through the uni, and (IIRC) it was only affordable if you connected from 7PM to 7AM or so. I remember trying to save money at first and struggling with add-on card “winmodems”, then biting the bullet and shelling out for an actual, serially-connected external modem. And yes, ModeLines were a challenge 🙂

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