HiFive Unmatched


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5 responses to “HiFive Unmatched

  1. I wonder how it boots. Does it use Coreboot? I don’t suppose UEFI?

    • rich

      It uses OpenSBI + uboot to boot. UEFI for RISC-V exists but not on this board. To be honest I haven’t got these boards working yet and won’t for another few days because I have cases, PSUs, NVMe etc on order to complete them. (But not GPUs, ouch those prices …)

      • So UEFI is purely a main board feature and not related to the CPU? If that is true, is that also the case for x86?

        When having an open platform, why would some want UEFI?

  2. bkeys

    Do you have an ETA to have a working Fedora image?

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