Fedora/RISC-V running on the HiFive Unleashed board

Thanks to David Abdurachmanov and SiFive for these pictures.

HiFive Unleashed Freedom U540 and their crowd-funding page.

Fedora/RISC-V and our downloadable and now bootable disk images.

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2 responses to “Fedora/RISC-V running on the HiFive Unleashed board

  1. problemchild68

    Hi Richard, I thoroughly envy someone who can spend time to create all this work for this platform. I know it’s a job but not a bad one at all. I’m impressed wioth the work and the DOco you are producing in the form of this blog. Out of interest what is the minimum RAM requirement to get Fedora to build it’s self from source?
    I see the board has 8GB on board which is very healthy for an SBC… could this be done on some of those cheap Spartan boards with a RISC5 CPU on board and say 64-256MB of RAM?

    • rich

      Lack of RAM is one problem with the FPGA-based implementations (the other is chronic slowness). As you say typically they have 256 or 512 MB which is not really enough to rebuild most packages, or even for a pleasant graphical UI experience.

      Our autobuilder instances get 4 GB of RAM (no swap) and that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the vast majority of packages so far.

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