virt-builder Debian 9 image available

Debian 9 (“Stretch”) was released last week and now it’s available in virt-builder, the fast way to build virtual machine disk images:

$ virt-builder -l | grep debian
debian-6                 x86_64     Debian 6 (Squeeze)
debian-7                 sparc64    Debian 7 (Wheezy) (sparc64)
debian-7                 x86_64     Debian 7 (Wheezy)
debian-8                 x86_64     Debian 8 (Jessie)
debian-9                 x86_64     Debian 9 (stretch)

$ virt-builder debian-9 \
    --root-password password:123456
[   0.5] Downloading:
[   1.2] Planning how to build this image
[   1.2] Uncompressing
[   5.5] Opening the new disk
[  15.4] Setting a random seed
virt-builder: warning: random seed could not be set for this type of guest
[  15.4] Setting passwords
[  16.7] Finishing off
                   Output file: debian-9.img
                   Output size: 6.0G
                 Output format: raw
            Total usable space: 3.9G
                    Free space: 3.1G (78%)

$ qemu-system-x86_64 \
    -machine accel=kvm:tcg -cpu host -m 2048 \
    -drive file=debian-9.img,format=raw,if=virtio \
    -serial stdio


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7 responses to “virt-builder Debian 9 image available

  1. Ramon

    Hi Jon,

    I’m Ramon, this summer I’m going to learn OCaml and to make apps for my personal use. I want to know your thoughts about developing OCaml in Red Hat, because I don’t know how good is to run OCaml code that is developed in more recent linux like Fedora or Debian, and then run it in Red Hat to achieve stability (no bugs).


    • rich

      The version of OCaml in RHEL is a little old (4.01) and intentionally doesn’t change very often so that it offers stability. It really depends on your use case.

      • Ramon

        Thanks John,

        My intention is to use opam, at the moment of now, so maybe it doesn’t matter the linux environment. My use case is to run code in an stable environment where I can achieve my development goals without breaking the machine quarterly πŸ™‚


  2. Ramon

    Sorry Richard, I have been naming you other name.

  3. m ALΔ° SAG

    virt-builder debian-9 does not work on Oracle Linux 7.4

    virt-resize: error: libguestfs error: resize2fs: e2fsck 1.42.9
    /dev/sda1 has unsupported feature(s): metadata_csum
    e2fsck: Get a newer version of e2fsck!

    If reporting bugs, run virt-resize with debugging enabled and include the
    complete output:

    virt-resize -v -x […]

  4. Ajay Ramaswamy

    Hi – can you please push Debian 10 and Fedora 31 images

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