Pine64 + USB drive

It looks like a crazy ball of string and rubber bands now. I added an external SSD in an enclosure powered by the compatible JMS578 chipset. But the board itself cannot supply enough power through USB to external drivers, so there’s also a powered USB hub (thus the whole thing needs two power supplies).

It works is the best I can say about it at this point.

Important edit: I discovered that the powered USB hub is not necessary (presumably because this is an SSD, not a spinning disk). That eliminates the power supply problem.



March 25, 2017 · 5:52 pm

2 responses to “Pine64 + USB drive

  1. So I’ve been looking around at some ARM SBCs but I’m also not entirely excited about their non-standard boot processes being the norm. It wasn’t too long ago that I heard about SBSA and I started looking around to see if there were any decent ARM developer boards that adhered to the standard but, could still be afforded by mere mortals…

    I was only able to come up with a couple of options (and annoyingly, neither one of them provide support for video by default). Here are the two I came up with:

    Anyhow, I started down this train of thoughts after reading the following article and watching the associated Linaro presentation:

    So anyhow, I guess my question is… do you have any opinions on those two developer boards that I just posted? Which one do you think would be better than the other? And a different question, do you see some sort of ARM SBC coming in the not too distant future that will provide an experience somewhat equivalent to x86 hardware (i.e. standardized boot process, upgradable memory, and support for pcie x8+ (for use with a GPU))?

  2. rich

    It would be nice if there were cheap development boards which supported SBSA/SBBR, but there are none so far. I’ve not used either of the two boards you mention, but the standard workhorses in this area (if you’ve got money to burn) are:

    • Gigabyte MP30-AR0 (or -AR1)
    • Cavium ThunderX

    If you can wait a bit, then the Qualcomm Falkor should be available soon, and that’s a really nice machine.

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