A new Amazon seller scam

Amazon, so convenient, yet so annoying when things go wrong. This useless seller looks like a new type of scam to me. It seems to go like this:

  1. New seller appears, offering just about everything in Amazon’s catalog.
  2. You don’t notice this when buying, but the shipping window is open-ended (from a few days up to months). However you are optimistic, after all most Amazon orders arrive pretty quickly.
  3. Seller very quickly notifies you that the item has shipped. Great!
  4. Nothing arrives after a few weeks.
  5. You check the feedback, and now it looks terrible.
  6. You notice that the “tracking number” is completely bogus. Just a made up number and random shipping company (the seller is apparently based in Shenzen, but somehow the bogus tracking number comes from Singapore post?)
  7. You try to cancel the order. However Amazon won’t let you do that, because the item has been dispatched and it’s still in the shipping window (which, remember, doesn’t end for another couple of months).
  8. You contact the seller. Amazon forces sellers to respond within 3 days. This seller does respond! … to every message with the same nonsense autoresponse.
  9. As a result you can’t cancel the order either.
  10. There is no other way to escalate the problem or cancel the order (even though this clearly violates UK law).
  11. Seller now has your money, you have no product, and no way to cancel for another few months.
  12. Profit!


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5 responses to “A new Amazon seller scam

  1. Daniel Sanabria

    Profit and bots !!! hope it gets sorted for you soon …

  2. Leisa

    I have contacted Amazon about sellers who offer their products at $9999.99—for something that should be 30 bucks. They are essentially whoring out their website–inviting sellers of ill-repute in. If they don’t get a handle on this, they will significantly damage their brand. I alerted them to what I found. They said they would look into it. The seller is still there. We saw WFC Archilles heel…..I think that we are seeing Amazon’s.

  3. Laszlo Ersek

    Is it displayed up-front on Amazon that the seller is based in Shenzen? If it is, then I think that’s a pretty good sign to steer clear of them.

    When I was looking to buy an Intel NIC for testing device assignment with OVMF, a colleague advised me to avoid ordering from China.

    Recently I watched this documentary on youtube:
    “Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware (Full Documentary) | Future Cities | WIRED”

    While most people on reddit were falling all over themselves in adoring “The Silicon Valley of Hardware”, all the documentary evoked in me was distrust.

    There must be a middle ground between the USPTO (who grant patents on the most trivial things in software) and Shenzen (where people have zero regard for copyrights, non-software patents, and trademarks).

    I hope you’ll get your money back! (I’m unsure from your description whether the scam affected you personally.)

  4. Penelope Johnson

    Do you think this may be some kind of ploy by Amazon in order to increase the paid Prime memberships thereby increasing their profits? I’ve noticed that this does not happen with products offered through Prime and can’t help but wonder if it isn’t planned that way.

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