New home gateway router (part 3) — network configuration

This is just some notes and links about how I set up the firewall and PPPoE on RHEL 7.

For firewalld, a very useful reference is: To enable IPv4 masquerading, see this mailing list posting.

For PPPoE, as always the ArchLinux wiki pages are the best.



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3 responses to “New home gateway router (part 3) — network configuration

  1. vlaero

    Obviously not available just yet, but there should be dual ethernet ‘Braswell’ based boards showing up at computex. Here’s a dual ethernet industrial focused mini-itx board.
    Some of these types of boards are available with a DC input on the external port cluster. If someone were to produce a really affordable enclosure (3D printing project maybe?) then these ‘thinITX’ boards could be a good alternative to the NUC/BRIX self contained units. Although they’ll be a bit larger, they should also be cheaper.

  2. vlaero

    Richard, I saw this and then remembered that I replied to a post of yours about a year ago. This is the latest-gen Intel celeron/pentium platform. Has two eth ports, so might be of interest to you as far as routers go. I’m not sure what crypto instructions are available, but the previous gen – braswell – supported AES-NI so I expect this will too. If nothing else, the quite capable braswell systems should come down in price a little.

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