Nexus 9 ssh on the go


The Nexus 9 is an odd, compromised tablet, and way too expensive, but combined with the folio keyboard & pocketwifi it makes a nice ssh terminal for use on the road.

Various ssh apps like ConnectBot have terrible external keyboard support. So I compiled a static dropbear binary and static busybox, and I’m using those with Android Terminal Emulator.

The tablet has a 64 bit ARM processor (actually it’s way stranger than that – it uses a proprietary VLIW core with Transmeta-style code morphing in software). I used my AArch64 Fedora machine to compile the static binaries which I copied across.

I changed the default shell to busybox ash and added a bunch of start-up scripts to make Android more bearable.
It all works except nsswitch (user & DNS resolution) because of glibc static brokenness.


January 8, 2015 · 2:07 am

4 responses to “Nexus 9 ssh on the go

  1. F

    could you share the binary?

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