virt-v2v preview packages for RHEL and CentOS 7.1 are available

virt-v2v is a small program for converting guests from VMware or Xen, to run on KVM, RHEV-M or OpenStack. For RHEL 7.1, I am rewriting and enhancing virt-v2v, so it’s much faster and easier to use.

To install, follow the instructions here for setting up the yum repository, and then you can do:

yum install virt-v2v

To use it, start with the manual here that has lots of examples and the full reference documentation.


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10 responses to “virt-v2v preview packages for RHEL and CentOS 7.1 are available

  1. Marc Deop

    It would be nice to be possible to work both ways…

  2. Jeff Forbes

    Where should bug reports be sent to for this preview version?

    • rich

      You can send them to There is no need to subscribe, but the message may be held in moderation for a few hours.

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  4. Fat Rat Bastard

    First off, thank you for the blog post. 😉 I’ve got a couple of questions that hopefully you can answer:

    Why wasn’t virt-v2v included with 7 from the get-go? Also, why is Red Hat shipping a version of libguestfs that is now two years old?

    • rich

      Because as it says “For RHEL 7.1, I am rewriting and enhancing virt-v2v …”

      libguestfs in RHEL 7.1 is version 1.28 which was released 18th October 2014, about 6 months ago (but includes many more recent patches on top).

  5. It does not seem to look as you say it is

    [root@rodney images]# yum install virt-v2v
    Loaded plugins: product-id, subscription-manager
    No package virt-v2v available.
    Error: Nothing to do
    [root@rodney images]#

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