Two Freescale Freedom Boards (ARM Cortex M0)


The total cost including tax and delivery for two boards was £26, so at £13 each they are pretty reasonable. Of course you don’t get very much, just a few KB of flash and RAM. Enough to run a hand-written assembly program, small C programs, or a FORTH interpreter. The Cortex-M0 is a real 32 bit processor.



March 4, 2014 · 1:42 pm

6 responses to “Two Freescale Freedom Boards (ARM Cortex M0)

  1. As you mention Forth – Mecrisp-Stellaris already runs on Freescale Freedom KL25Z boards. These boards seem very similiar, would you like to do testing for a port to your KL26Z ? The Kinetis family chips share a lot in common and are designed for code reusability, and as the amount of memory is the same, maybe it is just flashing the image for KL25Z and updating list of available targets in README 🙂


    • rich

      I tried to put Mecrisp-Stellaris on one of the boards, but without success so far (I wrote a long blog entry, but haven’t published it yet because I didn’t get things working in the end).

      Actually I only just noticed now that these boards are KL26Z and not KL25Z.

      But yes I’m willing to test anything, and in any case will give it another go this weekend.

  2. The challenge is to find out the difference that causes the binary not to run properly. Both boards have USB-UART brigde connected to PTA1 and PTA2, both chips share memory map and UART peripheral. Have you pressed Reset button after flashing ?

  3. Something that may cause trouble called “Flash configuration field” is identical, I checked SIM_SCGC4, SIM_SCGC5, SIM_SOPT2 bit meanings in datasheets and port A pin configuration. They are identical with one exception: Bit 1 in SIM_SCGC5 is readonly-0 on KL25Z, and readonly-1 on KL26Z. But as it is readonly, leaving it zero on write should (?) not matter ? UARTs have same clock source selection bits. Puzzled for now. You can have a look inside of terminal.s which contains chip specific initialisation code.

    • Luis Mendez

      Rich, Matthias,

      Were you guys able to make the subject KL26Z board work with Forth? Would you be able to share your experiences in this regard?

      Luis Mendez

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