A couple of ARM items …

I was going to title this post something like “ARM – from miniscule to enormous” because it refers to the Cortex M0+ (check out this picture!) and the 64 bit ARMs processors. But since they are such radically different beasts which don’t even share the same instruction set, let’s say this is about two items produced by ARM Holdings.

Firstly I ordered a two fun little Cortex-M0-based development boards, the Element 14 Freescale Freedom Board (buy hereYou have to order two because they are individually too cheap to meet the minimum order value on the Farnell site).

This is very very different from the other ARM hardware I have, because you can’t run Linux on it (it has only 128 KB of programmable flash, and a mere 16 KB of running memory). Nevertheless, it’s a proper 32 bit processor which runs FORTH (eg) or you can program to the metal with ease.


Secondly, Linaro Connect Asia 2014 starts very early tomorrow morning (around 2am UTC, or about 7 hours from now). It looks like it will be streamed as Google Hangouts, and available on YouTube shortly after. There are interesting talks on virtualization, big.LITTLE scheduling and ARMv8 and Red Hat’s own Jon Masters is giving a keynote.


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  1. I have a FRDM-KL25Z board, currently the only I can program on it is using mbed.org online IDE. The Codewarrior IDE from Freescale only runs on Windows. If you’re able to share how to use a tool chains on Linux (fedora/debiab) that would be great.

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