New in libguestfs 1.25.38

Libguestfs is under intensive development upstream to get ready for the blockbuster 1.26 release.

At the moment Pino is working on making virt-builder configuration super-flexible, so it can pull cloud images from multiple distro sources. And also making virt-builder able to install non-x86-64 guests.

I’m working on supermin. Using new features of supermin, libguestfs ≥ 1.25.38 lets you install only those filesystem features that you need support for, with more obscure filesystems & features shuffled off into subpackages that you can install optionally:

  • libguestfs — the base library
  • libguestfs-xfs — XFS support
  • libguestfs-gfs2 — GFS2 support
  • libguestfs-nilfs — NILFS v2 support
  • libguestfs-jfs — JFS support
  • libguestfs-hfsplus — HFS+ support
  • libguestfs-rsync — rsync upload/download support

This should make a few people who use libguestfs but didn’t like the number of dependencies it pulls in happy.


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6 responses to “New in libguestfs 1.25.38

  1. Thanks for the split of packages! Keeps the systems minimal.

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