Yubikey Nano #2

Good points:

  1. Received in the post one day after I ordered it.
  2. Was relatively easy to set up with the work VPN. It helps here that someone else has already done the hard work. It only took me 10 minutes to follow their instructions and I had it working.
  3. Yubikey fits “permanently” [see below] into the laptop and just works.

Bad points:

  1. Quite easy to accidentally touch, resulting in one time passwords appearing in random places 2529434.
  2. Impossible to remove from the USB socket! (Well, I’ll have to go and find some pliers if I want to take it out). Update: They sell a lanyard for an extra $1 and it would have been a good idea to get one.

Overall though, I think it’s a win.


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8 responses to “Yubikey Nano #2

  1. Pjotr

    IIRC it has a small hole to attach a thin strap to it so you can (more) easily remove it. Alternatively use a regular Yubikey and put it on your key chain. From a security point of view doesn’t it make sense to take your Yubikey with you whenever you leave your laptop? Leaving it in your laptop feels like having a post-it on your screen with your password.

  2. John

    For the accidental presses: load your configuration into “slot 2”. It will require you to press for about 2-3 seconds before it provides a token.

  3. AleX

    Do you happen to have the document available ? Or can you share it ?

  4. Just a couple of days ago I tried to order one, when I proceeded to check out, shipping cost alone ended up being 74$ (while the device is 40$) which is not what I’d like to pay for shipping of just a couple of ounces. I’ll see if there’s any other means to order

    • rich

      FYI mine was shipped to me in an envelope from the UK. I can’t imagine that shipping a simple envelope to Asia is going to be $30+. They should sort out their shipping costs …

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