Is there a music player which doesn’t suck?

$ find /mnt/media -name '*.mp3' -o -name '*.m4a' | wc -l

(and that doesn’t count things like radio programs encoded in mp4 or flv)

I still haven’t found a music player that can deal with this. In particular:

  1. ID3 tags are often wrong — don’t use them. Use a database like Shazam to work out what’s really in each file.
  2. There are duplicates. I’m never going to be able to fix that. Transparently pick the highest quality file when playing, and don’t show me duplicates ever.
  3. Give me an intelligent way to navigate this. I’d like to have the player automatically group them or suggest related music, perhaps by looking for similarities in the audio (and definitely not by using the ID3 tag).
  4. Related to the previous point, search should be super simple.
  5. When choosing a party playlist, don’t mix in radio programs or podcasts.
  6. Some of the titles are not US ASCII. It still seems like this isn’t a completely solved problem (sigh).

It’d be nice if it could stream the music to my squeezebox players (of which I now have two, yay!), but I’m not expecting miracles …


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4 responses to “Is there a music player which doesn’t suck?

  1. Peter

    I’m using google music on android but it has browser and iOS and I believe supports chromecast too. I’m not using their option to host 20K sounds in the cloud. I’ve not tried using it with my sqeezebox yet but SB supports DNLA so I’ve got some ideas.

  2. Jason Farrell

    I gave up on local linux players last year because they all sucked in various ways. I’ve used xmms (oldie), audacious (winamp clone), Amarok (KDE) before it was gimped, banshee, and Rhythmbox, and they all did their job, just not well.

    Now, I just stream it all it all via the browser from Google Music. I have awesome headphones, but “thankfully” my ears are so bad that I can’t tell the difference between my local FLAC version and the 320kbps cloud version. Being able to Bluetooth or Chromecast it to any TV is a plus too.

  3. lzap

    I know this will sound weird, but I am also on Google Music. I am letting Google to spy on me and know my musical taste, yeah… Duplicates were organized just fine. Linux client is needed just for upload, then you can erase and use firefox…

  4. I’m old-fashioned like that too… I have a collection of MP3s on disk, none of this new-fangled cloud music stuff for me. My solution is Picard (kind of like the open-source/open-content equivalent to Shazam) for fixing ID3 tags and Quod Libet (kind of like Rhythmbox but doesn’t crash) for browsing and playing.

    You’ll want to get picard-freeworld and associated bits from RPMFusion for the track fingerprinting support.

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