Mele A1000G Quad update

I managed to get the Mele A1000G Quad to boot from an SD-card, with a lot of help from Hans de Goede and Maxime Ripard.

The key to this is to press the ↺ (circular arrow) button with a pencil just as it boots. This will cause it to enter FEL mode, load the BOOT1 bootloader off the SD-card, and from there we have complete control. I’ve not yet got a fully bootable image, but it’s just a matter of getting some free time now.

Also this diagram of the FEL/boot process is very helpful.



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4 responses to “Mele A1000G Quad update

  1. raanan

    I hate to admit I could not find the circular button you’ve mentioned. Where do I find it?


    • rich

      It’s underneath. It’s a hole, not a button. It’s fairly obvious, so if you can’t find it, chances are they’ve changed the board design without changing the model number. Wouldn’t exactly be the first time that has happened.

      • raanan

        I actually found a small push button underneath the board. Seems to be like a fresh soldering (it has some soldering paste around it).

        Thanks a lot!

  2. raanan

    Correction: I just realized that the button I found beneath on the PCB, is in fact the button you mention and the bottom of the device does have the curricular arrow sign you mentioned. So no change in the design(!). Sorry for the confusion.

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