Mele A1000G Quad (AllWinner A31 quad core)

Update: If you are thinking about buying this, it is the A100G Quad with the AllWinner A31 SoC. There is another “A1000G” (without “Quad”) which has an older AllWinner SoC which you shouldn’t get.


This is a great little box. It ships with Android 4.1.1 with a thin UI on top. It also comes with a wireless keyboard/mouse device. It’s also got a lot of ports at the back. If I can get Fedora on this, it promises to be an excellent developer machine.


Undoing 4 screws allows the top to come off. Across the top: optical S/PDIF (I think), 2x USB, ethernet, HDMI, power, micro USB (for power?), UART, 3.5″ audio jack, wifi. Right side: SATA. Front: UART, some sort of IR/optical sensor, I think. Left side: MMC, USB OTG. Edit: I think the UART is the white connector at the bottom right, but there is (on this, not on others) also a second UART-like connector at the top right.

I’m not going to complain about unavailable UARTs because this is not supposed to be a developer machine at all. It’s a living room appliance that I’m trying to hack. The fact they expose the four pins is fine here. (Of course a serial port would be nicer, but I can fully understand why they wouldn’t want to have one).

I was wondering what the slot on the top of the machine was. Of course it’s a SATA port, so you can slot a 2.5″ drive directly in at the top, which is brilliant.

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5 responses to “Mele A1000G Quad (AllWinner A31 quad core)

  1. dinis

    I have mele M8. When can I start on it Linux?

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