More ODROID-XU annoyance


The UART to USB cable didn’t work out. It’s not possible for humans to connect those wires to the Molex header, and the only option to make it work is to buy a Molex 5268 connector from somewhere (nowhere in the UK sells them, so I guess abroad for lots of money).

Repeated note to all potential sellers of ARM “development” boards: Put a fscking serial port on it.


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8 responses to “More ODROID-XU annoyance

  1. problemchild68

    UM these connectors are easy to get hold of Try Farnell for starters and merely cost pence. Also if you are going to connect that USB to serial device to the board make sure it’s a 1.8 volt unit or pull the VCC_IO to the 1.8 V supply via a regulator or I believe it’s also on that 4 pin connector.
    That soldering is so incredibly simple you merely need practice. Many can easily hand solder SMT parts with pitches 4-5 times smaller
    Practice on non critical parts to get your hand in first

    Also they obviously did put a serial port on it because you are connecting to it so why complain many pc boards have similar issues and this is really coming from an embedded environment not a PC one so things are just a little different.
    If you need a bit of help with this then shout us on email

    • rich

      Seriously, now I’m going to rant …

      I really don’t understand this argument, and this previous one.

      The point is that ARM is supposed to be hard? That only those who can use a soldering iron are worthy of it? I used to be a hardware developer, so I am perfectly capable of using a soldering iron. I’ve wire-wrapped more boards than many people have written computer programs. But I’m not going to get out a soldering iron to add a necessary component that this so-called development hardware left out.

      I’m trying to specify hardware for all our development team. We’ll buy dozens of units. Do you want me to teach them how to solder connectors to boards too?

      This board has six USB connectors. It has two display connectors (neither of them work, this is ARM after all). Why the fuck couldn’t they include a serial port? The critical component which is needed to make this thing work is not present, but two non-working and useless display connectors are.

      Sorry, I’m not ranting at the immediate commenter who is trying to be helpful. But this attitude of its ARM and therefore it doesn’t matter if ordinary humans can’t get the thing to boot has got to stop.

      • problemchild68

        These are mostly crimp connectors so why are you insisting on using your Iron ?
        Get the pre done Lead from HardKernel if it’s easier at $15 .

        No need to stress the crowd on the Hard kernel forum would no doubt like to help as stated previously. Please join at get it all working 🙂

  2. jimatjtan

    But it does come with a serial port, as a $15 add-on option. Described here. Your complaint seemed to be “yeah, but that was hard for me to buy”, which is why I suggested an alternative that was available more locally, albeit in a less convenient form factor. A buyer looking for dozens of these should have no problem ordering the correct $15 serial port adapter.

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