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The Cubietruck I ordered almost a month ago has finally left Sweden where it was enjoying the fjords or something. I’m hoping I might even get it in the UK next week.

Also I tried to order the Mele A1000G (quad core Allwinner A31) from Alibaba. (Alibaba has a really annoying website that barely works in Firefox). Unfortunately “Your order has been cancelled for security reasons”, with no actual reason given. At least they didn’t debit money from my credit card. So I’m really looking for a UK supplier of this item, although they all appear to be out of stock at the moment.


Update After posting that, I found an eBay seller based in Hong Kong and bought one for £94. Not as cheap as DX, but seems more likely to arrive.


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5 responses to “In ARM news …

  1. duncan young

    hi.dont you worry about customs charges.i want to buy a cubietruck.but have been told that customs are likely to charge me.could be upto £80 as its outside the eu china

    • rich

      I do, but customs charges aren’t magic (and they definitely wouldn’t have been £80 on a £94 board!). Generally you’ll pay 20% + a fee (usually £8). Often you’ll get away with it entirely. There is a decent duty calculator here:

      • yes i used that too,it came up with £80,maybe i did somthing wrong,my freind ordered a £50 broken galaxy s4 and customs sent an invoice for £78 but luckily he got the phone first,they are still chasing him for the money,so unfare realy,any way so sorry for posting a random question,,can you please let me know if you do find a cheap uk seller for this board,i too am exited to get one,thanks

      • rich

        That seems unfortunate … I used the following eBay seller; I didn’t pay any import duty, but I’m afraid I cannot guarantee anything if you order it.

        Update: Actually, this seller appears to ship from the UK, so you should be good.

      • duncan young

        thanks.i did find one cheaper.i think the board was £52 and £9 postage.or fast postsge £20 thats from cubieboard themselvs.they said they would do there best to avoid me having any charges but couldnt garantee i wouldnt.

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