This is a Deltenna Wibe (actually this one is the rebranded Hubba from Buzzconnect but it’s essentially the same thing).


I’m using this with a VIP SIM-only plan from Virgin (unlimited data for £15pcm) as a backup broadband connection.


I used Ofcom’s sitefinder to locate the nearest mobile phone masts to my house. There are three, just over a mile away, on the O2, Orange and T-mobile networks. Virgin uses EE (Orange & T-mobile) so they are ideal for me.

Using the sitefinder results I placed the Wibe in the upstairs window on the side of the house facing the masts. Although we get basically no phone signal at all in our house, the Wibe rocks and gets a full 3G signal at around 1.7 Mbps (similar to what we can get through a landline). SSH is also smooth and responsive.

Now what I really need to do is to work out how to have the DSL fail over gracefully to mobile data. Or even better, share the load somehow …



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2 responses to “Wibe

  1. Hello Richard,

    The information maybe a little bit late, but we generally suggest using the WiBE with the Cisco RV042G Dual Gigabit WAN VPN for load balancing and failover – although for your particular application there maybe better options. Also with the new HS21 you should get an increase in speed over the older unit. ruralbraodband.co.uk have a free trial on the HS21 at the moment.

    Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

    Best regards,

    BTW, I’m from RangeXD – the new home of WiBE (http://rangexd.com)

    • rich

      Yup, the problem is actually wiring, rather than being unable to do failover. Running ethernet to that side of the house would involve painful rolling back of carpets and lifting of floorboards all over the place. It’s not really a problem however since on the (now thankfully rare) occasions when the DSL falls over, I can plug the Wibe in and have things working again in under an hour.

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