Allwinner A31

Another interesting ARM box: Mele A1000G is a quad core Cortex-A7 with 2GB of RAM, 16 GB of flash, ethernet and wifi. For $138.

Update: I took another punt and ordered one of these.


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7 responses to “Allwinner A31

  1. I read it has a PowerVR GPU. Aren’t those a big problem when running Linux? And why 100Mbit Ethernet. Couldn’t they make the box $139 and add Gigabit Ethernet instead?

  2. ARM comes small and with the cores … wonder what this means for traditional computing (laptops et al ). Can fedora run off those?

  3. nobody

    And for an extra $10, you can buy an IFC6410, which has quad krait-300’s… and *can* run Fedora:

    In addition, the benefit of *quality*, and coming from a US company.

    • rich

      Never heard of the Krait CPU before or this SoC. Wikipedia says it is “architecturally similar” to the Cortex-A15. What I care about is whether it has HYP mode / hardware virtualization, but I can’t see if it has that or not.

      • Frederik

        According to the press release announcing the board it has a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro APQ8064 processor. The krait-300 appears (it’s a bit difficult to figure out just what the release actually says) to be a co-processor of some sort. Might be a different name for the snapdragon.

      • rich

        Frederick: Yes it’s confusing isn’t it. Also since Qualcomm actually build their own ARM cores from scratch, how similar is it to the A15? eg. Did they miss out the virtualization instructions? It’s all very unclear.

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